Air Bike vs Spin Bike: Head to Head Comparison

Working out is a great way to lose weight and remain fit, isn’t it? But choosing the right equipment for workouts is a labyrinthine task, especially choosing between air and spin bikes. With the recent flow for both air and spin exercise bikes going on, it is not an easy-breezy task to simply pick and choose a particular one. 

So if you are in such a maze of confusion, buddy, this article on Air bike vs Spin bike may give you a flicker of light, a fragment of hope, and a decisive lead to select. We are gonna explore every twist and turn possible to find out the most suitable exercise bike for you. So, stay tuned till the end. 

What is an Air Bike?

Air bike, or also known as assault bike to many, is a popular gym instrument with giant wheels. By seeing the large frontal fans, you can recognize it in a minute. 

This bike can rapidly drain your long-stored calories and burn your fats in a moment, unlike other typical bikes. For fitness freaks, an air bike is a perfect instrument for muscle growth and unfaltering fitness.

How does an Air Bike work?

How does an Air Bike work

The handle of an air bike moves to create resistance via the fan. By observing the fan only, you can fathom how good you are doing. 

As you need to use both your hands and legs, both the upper and lower parts of your body get the same resistance. Therefore, air bikes can provide maximum exercise for the hand and foot muscles. 

Having said that, let’s now dive into the benefits one can derive from air bikes. 

What are the benefits of an air bike? 

If you are wondering what the possible benefits of an air bike are, this section might provide you with valid info. Though there are numerous advantages one can get, we’ll highlight only the most-spoken ones.

  •  Air bikes are incredibly simplistic and unsophisticated to use. Even a little teenage boy can work out with it. 
  • This is an excellent exercise machine for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), suitable for a sound cardiovascular system. 
  • Perfect for a full-body workout and intense practice. Both the upper and lower part of the body can get benefits. 
  • It ensures muscle growth and provides the utmost cardiovascular workout. 
  • Air bikes offer Impetuous calorie loss within a shorter period, something unprecedented in gym bikes. Within half an hour, you can lose up to 500 calories. 
  • A machine attached to the fan bike can show you an approximate amount of calorie burn. 
  • You can use it only for leg exercise by the pedals and for hand exercise by the handles. To be precise, you can switch between full-body vs. leg exercise. 
  • Even suitable for bulky souls. It can support up to 350 pounds.
  • The large fan in the wheel is designed to use wind resistance. That effectively means, the more effort you give, the more resistive force you encounter.
  • No requirements of power supply. That means great portability and power saving. 

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike or a stationary bike is another exercise tool popular for its normal cycle-like features. The main difference between an air bike and a spin bike is that the spin bike doesn’t have any moving handles suitable for upper muscle growth. 

There was a time when indoor cycling meant utilizing these spin-based bikes only. Even today, it’s a much-needed piece of equipment for gyms and fitness centers and home usage. 

How does a spin bike work?

How does a spin bike work

Much like the air ones, spin bikes also contain larger-sized wheels. This heavyweight flywheel ensures enough resistance for better workout sessions. This indoor cycle bike has a pedal mechanism for leg movement as well.

These bikes seem to many as an opportunity for indoor cycling exploration. If you want to prepare yourself for competitive games but don’t want to go outside, a good practice session with a spin bike can compensate for the situation. 

If you can choose a perfect size spin bike with good seats, you may get an efficient toiling experience. In recent times, magnetic resistance-based spin bikes are on the rise for their flexible uses and durability. 

What are the benefits of spin bikes? 

Much like their counterpart, spin bikes come with benefits of their own. These benefits are drawn from various, scattered spin bike reviews from the netizen world. So, let’s have a quick glimpse over them. 

  • Spin bikes are comparatively less weighty and smaller wheeled; therefore, easily moveable.
  • Highly suitable for cardio health. It provides a steady stream of heart rate for organized heart functioning. 
  • Spin bikes don’t produce much noise to disturb other comrades-in-gyms. 
  • Reasonably good for those who love to switch between training sessions. It is both useful in HIIT and lowers intensive training. 
  • Regular bike users find it comfortable, as it resembles the stationary bike. Therefore, it is easier to adapt, especially for newbies. 
  • The main target of spin bike exercise is to reduce lower body fat. The exercise sessions help to burn both excessive stored calories and fats.
  • It can be a suitable option for marathon biking practice. 
  • Convenient for home users. It doesn’t require much space. 
  • The resistance level can be adjusted and customized according to necessity. Easy to assemble and easy to maintain.
  • Compact and simplified design. Interestingly, many spin bikes are foldable

Now, as we know the plus points and potential benefits of both sorts of bikes, why don’t we compare them? A head-to-head comparison can give you an in-depth understanding of the differences between air bikes and spin bikes. 

Air Bike VS Spin Bike: Head to head comparison 

Air Bike VS Spin Bike: Head to head comparison

Though air bikes and spin bikes aren’t poles apart, they have certain dissimilarities of their own. Before we finally decide which one is the better, air bike or spin bike, we are gonna compare and contrast the rivals together in minute details. Voila, here we go. 

Air Resistance vs Magnetic Resistance

Assault bikes and stationary bikes use entirely different types of resistance systems. As the resistance is dissimilar, you have to face diverse resistance if you switch bikes. 

We already mentioned that the air dyne bikes contain larger fans to create air resistance when you workout. The harder you peddle, the more resistance you might face. That’s interesting, right? 

On the opposite pole, the magnetic resistance comes from the magnet near the flywheel. Some spin bikes even use friction for better resistance. While in a spin bike, resistance is auto-generated, in an air bike, you generate the resistance yourself. 

Full body vs Leg exercise

It’s apparent that the main target of these bikes differs. In an air bike, you need to move both your hands and legs. As a result, the full-body feels the pressure. This ensures fat loss in all major fat-storing limbs of our body. 

But the main target of spin bikes is to increase systematic stamina and lose fat from legs and hips. So those who want a full-body workout in a true sense should opt for air bikes. And people targeting the lower part and stamina enhancement should get spin bikes.

Moving vs Non-moving Handles 

There’s no mentioning the fact that these indoor fitness bikes have different handles as well. Spin bikes have nonmoving, traditional handlebars for providing a solid grip. This handle gives you the feeling of your childhood cycling experience. 

Quite the opposite, air bikes have moving handles designed for the hand muscle and upper part workout. The movement of the handles helps to increase the fan speed, thus creating further resistance. 

Swift vs. Steady Calories and fat loss

The main goal of both bikes is undoubtedly losing extra weight and burning calories. As you can have feasible workout sessions in both of them, you can lose a certain amount of weight and bothersome fats. 

However, the intensity and effectiveness are not the same in both exercise bikes. Working out in air bikes signifies swift calorie loss and fat burns. The upper part of your body gets sturdy as well due to hand movement.

The spin bikes, on the contrary, provide a steady flow of calorie loss. It may not be a swift solution to fat, but definitely a fruitful solution. Stationary bikes can offer better core improvement and sturdiness. 

Large fan vs Flywheel 

One of the primary discrepancies you will notice at the very first glance is the fan vs. flywheels. The air bikes are easily recognizable by the large fan at the front. This fan helps to generate more and more resistance, thus giving a satisfactory experience. 

Unlike the air ones, spin bikes contain a heavy flywheel, though comparatively of medium size. The wheel is fixed; therefore, easy to utilize and use for the newbies. 

Noisy vs Noiseless Bikes

Noise level is not a great concern in a gymnasium. But for a better indoor cycling experience, less noisy bikes should be the priority. 

Spin bikes have no large fans, and they work with a magnetic resistance system. So, they are pretty noiseless, or they produce minimal noise possible. So spinning bikes are suitable for home-usage. 

Needless to say, the fan of an air bike produces some noise for the air they displace. So, this one is suitable for gymnasiums and similar places. 

Innovative vs. Traditional design

Though the design of both bikes is quite similar to each other, they have some dissonance of their own. The design of an air bike is somewhat innovative, while the stationary one is traditionally framed.

The seat of a spin bike is a bit smaller than the air one. And as these bikes give traditional feelings, normal people find the seat cozier. The air bikes, on the contrary, have wider seats, suitable for full-body balance. 

If we look into the pedals of both instruments, we shall find them similar. But we shall find the handles and the wheels to be differently made. That gives both bikes a different look from each other. 

Moreover, the air bike’s design is more durable, while the spinnings are less sturdy. Though, there is no doubt that both can give you reliable experience. 

Which bike is better for commercial use? 

Answering this question is a tricky affair. Well, we recommend buying both sorts of bikes if possible for the diversity of a fitness center. As people going to gyms are of different types and their priorities are not the same. 

However, if you only pick one between these two, an air bike should be the one you pick. Without an iota of doubt, air bikes can provide a maximum amount of workout facility. 

Most people come to the gym in the hope of losing calories and burning fats within a short period. Therefore, air bikes are best for commercial use. But adding a spin bike facility can give your commercial institute an extra edge. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Are air bikes good for weight loss?

An air bike workout can lead to the swift loss of calories. A thirty minutes session can lose up to one thousand calories. The total body-mounted pressure is also helpful in losing fat from all over the body.

Which bike is good for beginners?

Spin bikes are much like traditional cycles. So as a beginner, you should start an exercise session with spinning bikes. As time progresses and you get accustomed to vigorous physical training, you should go for an assault bike session. 

Air bike vs Elliptical: which one is better?

It is not an easy-peasy task to decide between these two indoor cycle bikes. However, to be precise, elliptical is better for the variety of options it offers.Air bikes, on the contrary, don’t have diversity. But they are better for losing fast calories. And both bikes are good for cardiovascular health.

Which is better: treadmills or spin bikes?

Treadmills and spin bikes are comparatively good equipment for maintaining good health. But, in the case of calorie loss, a spin bike is more effective than a treadmill.

Air bike vs spin bike: which one is better for home use?

Usually, air bikes are a bit bulky and therefore need more space. And they make loud noises as well. So, air bikes are not suitable for home usage. Spin bikes need less space, and they produce less noise. That’s why spin bikes are ideal for home exercise.

Final Verdict

So after reading all these comparing facts, which one seems better to you? If you are still in a mirage, let us give you a final verdict of our own assessment. For commercial purposes, you should buy air bikes. And for amateur fitness freaks, a spin bike is a good option for home. But we strongly recommend both bikes, if you don’t have a lower budget. 

So, it is time for you to decide and choose. Hopefully, these air bike vs. spin bike overviews is enough for final consideration. We leave you here then. Adios!

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