The Asuna Treadmill 8730 Review: Best Choice For You

The Asuna Treadmill 8730 model is quite popular among fitness freaks. The treadmill comes with several features that promise maximum convenience and ensure that you are able to have a great time while using the treadmill. The features on the treadmill can be of great help to users. The Asuna Treadmill 8730 model should be able to help you lose weight.

I would like to say at the beginning of the Asuna treadmill 8730 reviews, this is an easy-to-use treadmill that you can select for your home. It is space-saving as its body shape is perfect enough for a small to medium room.

A treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment to have in your home; if you are looking to lose weight but do not have the time in the day to go to a gym. Our article will provide the Asuna treadmill 8730 review & complete buying guide, Which you can get now. 

Asuna treadmill 8730 reviews 2022

Sunny Health & Fitness has so many options for you to choose from, but we recommend the Asuna 8730, which, in our opinion the best high-quality treadmill that you can get at an affordable price. It is foldable and has so many other features that you are getting amazing. That is why we are giving our honest opinion in the Asuna treadmill 8730 reviews. 

Asuna treadmill 8730 Specifications

  • The dimension of is 59 x 30.5 x 40 inches.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds or 100 kg, and the entire equipment weighs around 95 pounds.
  • The belt dimension of the treadmill is 49″L x 17.75″W inches, which gives you plenty of room for your jogging workouts or even more intense workouts with ease. 
  • The 8730 comes with a 2.5HP motor, and the speed range from 6 mph to 8 mph speed. 
  • It has a four-window digital console showing your time on the machine, distance, steps, speed, calories, and the integrated pedometer allows you to track your progress accurately. Moreover, you also other features such as – a tablet holder and a built-in sound system. 

Asuna treadmill 8730 important features & details 

Here are the features that caught our eye as we were using and writing the Asuna treadmill 8730 review article – 


The Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730 machine has a slim design with steel frame construction. Moreover, the entire device is easy to fold and comes with a folding key, making it the best slim folding treadmill that you can buy in that price range. 

The complete setup is around 59″ (150 cm) long and 30.5″ (77 cm) wide, which makes it easier to put it in your house and fold up easily to store away when necessary. The entire device becomes a flat treadmill that comes around 4.5″ in height. So, it makes the workout machine easy to store under your bed. Furthermore, the maximum user capacity of the machine is around 220 pounds. 

The Deck

The deck has a flat design and has a shock absorption technology which allows the machine to withstand intense to moderate-intense cardio workouts shock without any issues. The entire deck provides you with a running surface of 49″L x 17.75″W (125 x 45 cm), which is plenty for even a 6.5″ person. 

Moreover, the shock absorption element of the machine allows any workouts from jogging workouts to running workouts to run as smoothly as possible without putting any stress on the joints. 

The incline system 

While writing the Asuna treadmill 8730 reviews, we found no incline system on the machine. However, some people tend to put something under the front side of the machine to get that incline to feel a more powerful workout. We do not recommend you do it as it will strip the belt and slip and go out the treadmill. Moreover, it is very risky to have something under the front side as if it slips, and you can go off balance and injure yourself. 

The motors 

The drive motors you get in the Asuna 8730 are similar to the 7750 and offer a 2.5HP or 1.25 CHP. It is sufficient to get your jogging workouts done in a day efficiently and effectively. The 2.5HP is the peak of the motors, and there are no delays.

Moreover, the motors can withstand moderate to high levels of speed without any stability issues. Another thing, there is no overheating nor any performance issues as you increase the speed. So put it into high gear and start your workouts.


It is indeed the best portable folding treadmill, but it sure has some speed under its belt. The 8730 compact folding treadmill has a speed range from 0.6 mph to 8.0 MPH. It takes one push of a button on the console to go from the current speed to the max speed of the treadmill. 

The speed adjustments are very straightforward, and in the console, you get a plus and minus icon to adjust the speed as you keep on jogging. Moreover, the speed increment is 0.1 MPH, which allows you to keep your balance as you raise the speed and reduces the risk of sudden change, making you lose balance on the treadmill. 

Another option on the speed changing or adjustments you get is how the increments of the speed will increase. You can either default the 0.1MPH per push or change it from 0.2 MPH to 4 MPH. 

Stability of the treadmill

The 8730 may be a slim and foldable treadmill, but it is very stable while working out. It has a max weight capacity of 220 pounds or 100 kg, and the front section has an integrated flywheel which ensures stability at all levels. Moreover, it also reduces vibrations on the belt, and motion stability ensures your balance on the treadmill. 

However, some treadmills in that price range maximum weight capacities tend to be faulty, but the 8730. Even with maximum user weight capacity, the treadmill has no overheating issues or performance fluctuation. 

Noise reduction

The machine is not loud during walking workouts as you can barely hear your cadence. However, your cadence will be harder at high speed, and you will hear the unit become louder. But it is not loud that someone can hear you from the other room, nor it covers your TV’s sound.  

Moreover, the motors are tranquil and have shock absorption, so there is no noise issue while running on the treadmill. 

The console of the treadmill

The console is what made us write about the best Asuna treadmill 8730 reviews in the 2022 period. It is an LED display featuring a minimalistic console with different types of indicators and a straightforward mainframe. You got a 4-window display that shows your distance, speed, step count, and calories. Moreover, the 2nd display is an alternative, and each one comes up for 5 seconds. 

The console allows you to track your workout progress, but you do not get any preset workout programs with 8730 treadmills. The console is a simple push start and off the system, which makes using the equipment easy. 

Additional features 

The best Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 8730 Treadmill review that we have here has the above features and has some awesome additional features that you usually do not get in a treadmill in that price range. 

Number one is the sound system that you get with the fitness equipment. It comes with two speakers and a 3.5mm AUX port to plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite music while working out. Moreover, you can also plug in your smartphone, tablet, and MP3 player with the included cable to the console. 

Another thing is the convenient tablet holder that comes along with the machine. It is large enough to accommodate two things, so you get multipurpose holders in just one machine. It is a foldable tablet holder and works as a multiple device holder. Moreover, the interested tablet holder has a non-slip element in the middle which provides extra adherence and makes it a great phone holder. 

You also get two transport wheels with the 8730 modern treadmills. It makes moving the machine anywhere easier, and the sets of transportation wheels can move in any direction. You can see it as a multi-dimensional transportation wheel.  

Asuna treadmill 8730 pros

  • The treadmill has a low-profile design of 4.5 inches which makes it convenient to store easily anywhere. 
  • It has foldable arms and a user-friendly console. 
  • The deck is very durable and has a weight capacity is 220 pounds.
  • You also get shock absorption elements on the deck. 
  • It has a speed range of 0.6 mph to 8.0 mph speed which is the max speed that you can get out of the 8730 machines.
  • The motors are 2.5 hp which is sufficient for home fitness equipment. 
  • It also comes with a 4-window LED display that tracks your distance, speed, time or step counts, and calories. 
  • You also get a quick speed selection control for two mph and four mph speed.
  • It comes with a tablet holder, or you can say it a device holder, an AUX cable, and a built-in sound system. 

Asuna treadmill 8730 cons  

  • A heart rate sensor or heart rate monitoring function. 
  • Preset workout programs.

Asuna treadmill 8730 user feedback reviews

It was very tiring to see many examples, but hard to choose one after reading many positive reviews and suggestions from others. I got the chance to see the product, and it was awesome. Packed with a lot of features and best for indoors. I had a few treadmills before, but none had the potential of this one. Easy to warm up and easy to control the features.

The best thing of all would be the functionalities and the build quality of the product. Moreover, living in a rented house means I need something quiet and easy to use. Now I can warm up for my workout and have daily walking and running sessions.

Asuna treadmill 8730 buying guide

Our Asuna treadmill 8730 review article presents the overall features, specifications, and benefits of the machine. It will explain how you can get the best deal out of a treadmill and how you select one for yourself.

Number one is the space you have in your house for the treadmill. Measure it, and then go out and choose one which will fit in that. Furthermore, a foldable design treadmill like the 8730 is a perfect choice for small spaces. Then, what type of workout it provides which will help you lose weight and get fit faster. 

And finally is the price, consider the features that you are getting at that price. For example – the Asuna 8730 treadmill provides top-of-the-line features and specifications that for an individual user is plenty. Furthermore, the treadmill is slim and foldable, which saves a lot of space in your house. 

Asuna Treadmill 8730 Review: Final Thoughts

The Asuna 8730 treadmill is worth the money as it has a 93% rating for its quality.

It operates at home or in your gym without a cord and without an outlet. So, thanks to the motorized features,

The belt measures 60 inches long, so you will never have a problem fitting this machine into one session.

The cooling fan on the Asuna 8730 keeps you having fun during your workouts.

This treadmill carries considerable weight and makes very little noise, so it won’t wake up everyone in the building.

With a sleek design and a simple setup, this 8730 model treadmill is perfect for beginners.


Is the Asuna 8730 treadmill good?

The Asuna 8730 treadmill is by far the best we have seen for home use. It is the perfect combination of slim, sleek, portable, and high-quality built. Choosing the 8730 will not be a mistake; that is our guarantee as you will be getting – shock absorption elements in the machine, LED display console, smooth and powerful motor, built-in sound system, and a secure device holder. 

What is the difference between Asuna 8730 and 8730G?

While we had the opportunity to see the Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730 model, we also reviewed the 8730G model. There is no massive difference between the two. The 8730 model is a portable and foldable machine with a silver color coating. On the other hand, the 8730G is also the same model with the same features, just with a gold color coating. 

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