Top 5 Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person: Complete Reviews in 2022

We all know that sometimes it is difficult to manage those few extra inches (height) in some scenarios. The same goes for exercise bikes too. So we decided to assist you by presenting the top 5 best exercise bikes for tall men. Finding the ideal exercise bike for a tall person that ticks all your boxes is difficult to find. Let alone the best exercise bike for a tall man.

The reason for this is so simple. It is the obvious high level of competition between brands. So much so that many bikes from different brands are very similar to each other with only a little change. Anyways, we no longer want your knees clashing with the handlebars each time you pedal. And that is why we found out the exercise bikes that will go well with your long torso and long legs.

Why is an exercise bike good for you?

I am sure, we all have been hearing how great bicycles are to our health from a very young age. An exercise recumbent bike is just that but it is safer as there are no roads involved. Also, it is all in all an upgrade to a traditional bicycle. It helps with strengthening leg and lower body muscles.

Additionally, it is an effective and very efficient way to burn calories. The reason for this is because it puts less pressure and stress on your joints though still providing a very effective workout. There’s more! It boosts up your cardio and to increase cardio, you need to exercise. Exercising results in burning body fat hence you lose more weight. You see how they are all connected!

Lastly, as you will be able to exercise at home, you can easily manage 10-15 minutes even on the busiest of days. Those 10-15 minutes will give you so many benefits like strengthening your heart, muscles, lungs, and many more.

Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person 2021 Review & Buying Guide:

When you have come this far in search of the Best Exercise Bike for Tall people, it means you will buy the Best Exercise Bike. So we have arranged our 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Tall people with complete information. You will buy the product in any consideration attached to. Let’s get started.

Best upright exercise bike for tall person: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Best in terms of value, worth every penny!

Top Specs:

Dimension: 31 x 19 x 46 inches
Weight: 39 pounds
Display: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories burned, Pulse (Heart rate), and Scan.
Resistance: 8 levels
Inseam Length: 34 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year

If you talk about an exercise bike that can give the best value possible then an Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright exercise Bike might be it! Let’s start with the height because after all, that is what you are here for. This bike is ideal as long as you are 6’1ft and weigh under 300 lbs. Right when you sit on this bike, you will notice the thick cushion making you feel comfortable so much so that you can work out for hours.

Another reason why you can go for hours is because of the precision balanced flywheel and the V-belt drive which will give you a smooth operation. Next up are the handles which will give a firm grip and the leg stabilizers that will prevent movement that can be made by the recumbent exercise bike.

The pedals have built-in safety straps so that your foot doesn’t slip. To top it off, 3 piece high-torque cranking system allows smooth pedaling and you have 8 levels magnetic tension control system. Once you are done exercising, this Exerpeutic folding upright bike can be folded almost in half and can be moved by wheels so it consumes less space and is portable. Hence is the best upright exercise bike for tall person.

You can see your progress through an LCD which shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse (heart rate), and scan. Even after hearing all these, if by any chance you want another bike even right after you buy this one. You can always turn to the extended 90-day return window this bike gives.


You can enjoy a smooth, quiet operation. The seat has a thick cushion. 8 levels of resistance are present. This bike consumes less space, is highly portable, and has an LCD showing the user’s progress. If there is any technical flaw then you have a 90-day return window available.


No backseat adjustment that can lead to bad posture and intense workouts can’t be done. It is also not for very tall people.

Best indoor cycling bike under $300: Cyclace Indoor Exercise Bike

Looks staggering and comes at a low price!

Top Specs:

Dimension: 40.3 x 34 x 9.4 inches
Weight: 86.45 pounds
Display: Odometer, Calories burned, Distance, Time, and Speed.
Resistance: Adjustable resistance
Inseam Length: 28-39 inches
Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
Warranty: 6 months

If the last bike couldn’t keep up with your height then we introduce the Cyclace Indoor exercise bike. The inseam length of this exercise bike is a massive 28 to 39 inches. As the result, the height range is between 5’1 to 6’5ft. When it comes to weight, it is 330 lbs. Furthermore, the handle has multiple grips and gives you a real feel of a bicycle. Another thing that helps a tall person is having an adjustable handlebar along with an adjustable seat.

Luckily, you get both. 2-way adjustable handlebar and a 4-way adjustable seat. Whether you are a professional or a beginner won’t matter much as you will have a safe, quiet and stable experience. Especially because of the belt-driven system and the 36 lbs flywheel. Speaking of beginners, Cyclace did give them a thought. That is why you have four balance regulators to make sure it is stable on any surface.

You also have warning points, cage-style pedals with straps to avoid slipping when riding and you can stop the flywheel immediately by pressing down the adjustable resistance bar. You can use it in your home, your gym, or any other place because it makes up less space and can be moved around easily. So, you can easily place the bike anywhere and start your journey. To keep track, you have an LCD monitor showing your odometer, calories burned, distance, time, and speed.


The handles have multiple grips with a 2-way adjustable handlebar. There is a 4-way adjustable seat too. The flywheel is 36lbs meaning a safe experience with little to no noise. Cage-style pedals keep a hold of your legs. If anything goes wrong, you can immediately stop the flywheel by pressing down the adjustable resistance bar. An LCD monitor will monitor and show you results. It can be used by very tall people!


A small issue can be stability. It is however a very small issue and very few users faced it.

Best Indoor Cycling Bike: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709

Perfect for cardio and intense workouts!

Top Specs:

Dimension: 53.2 x 23.6 x 54.3 inches
Weight: 89.3 pounds
Display: Pulse rate, Time, Distance, Rate, Calories, Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Cadence, Average cadence, and Max cadence
Inseam Length: Maximum 39 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Warranty: 6 months

Sunny Health & Fitness needs no introduction because they are without a doubt one of the best brands. The reason is because of the quality bike they make and this bike is no less. It has a 13-level belt drive magnetic resistance system that gives you 13 different levels to with. Meaning you can work your way up gradually, from one level to another. FYI, this is one of the, if not the best bike out there when it comes to cardio.

One thing similar between this stationary bike and the last bike we mentioned is the maximum inseam length. So yeah, it is one of the best exercise bikes for tall people. If talking about comfort, you will have a well-balanced bike with a proper seat cushion, a 4-way adjustable seat, and a 4-way handlebar.

Losing momentum when pedaling is not only annoying but risky. None of these occur if you have caged pedals because they hold on to your legs. Besides, the digital display records the pulse rate, time, distance, rate, calories, speed, average speed, max speed, cadence, average cadence, and max cadence. Having all these stats recorded makes it very easy to set goals and reach them through hard work.


Most bikes have less than 10 levels of resistance, this one has 13 levels. That is the reason it is one of the best for cardio. A 4-way adjustable seat, a 4-way handlebar, caged pedals, and a proper seat cushion means comfort only. The digital display will show you everything you need to know to keep a track of your progress.


Though the seat is well-cushioned, the stability of the seat is what happens to be a problem.

Best indoor cycling bike under $400: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002

You can use it no matter how tall you are!

Top Specs:

Dimension: 44 x 20 x 44 inches
Weight: 113.4 pounds
Display: N/A
Resistance: Not mentioned but there is a tension knob to control it
Inseam Length: 31-41 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Warranty: 1 year

Yes, we got another Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike on our list. This goes to show how well recognized they are. Before I mention the maximum inseam height which is very high by the way, I want to talk about the flywheel. The flywheel weighs in at 49 lbs, one of the heaviest out there. You’re guaranteed to make the best out of this bike because of how high the resistance level can be.

The resistance level however can be switched back and forth according to your need by the tension knob. Now the inseam length. The minimum is 31 inches and the maximum is 41 inches meaning it doesn’t matter even if you’re 6’10 or 6’11ft. Moreover, if the workout seems to be painful or somehow uncomfortable for your knees. You can easily apply the built-in emergency brake level to stop the bike immediately.

It is important to have the bike and your foot placed perfectly on the pedals. Especially when working in high resistance. You got the caged pedals and floor stabilizers to help you with that. There are more, 2-way adjustable very comfortable multi-grip handlebars and a 4-way adjustable seat gives you the perfect posture and comfort.

After a long workout, you can always take few sips of water from your water bottle holder that is attached to the bike. Though there is a drawback and that is the digital display. This is very rare for a bike to not have one. But it is still regarded as one of the best indoor bikes for tall people.


Can work at a high intensity due to the flywheel being 49 lbs. It is one of the heaviest out there. The intensity can be leveled up and down by the tension knob. You always have the built-in emergency brake level to stop the bike immediately. Caged pedals, floor stabilizers, 2-way adjustable multi-grip handlebars, and a 4-way adjustable seat is all available. You can use it no matter how tall or short you are.


The only very concerning part is that there is no digital display. That does take a hit at your progress because you can’t keep a track of it easily.

Keiser m3i review: Keiser M3i Exercise Bike

For people of all sizes and it is a fan favourite!

Top Specs:

Dimension: 45 x 25.98 x 48.98 inches
Weight: 85 pounds
Display: N/A
Resistance: Not mentioned
Inseam Length: 26-39 inches
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Warranty: 6 months

We would like to end our list of best exercise bikes for taller people with Keiser M3i. Yes, this bike may be expensive but it is worth the money if you are willing to spend that amount, obviously. Most exercise bike doesn’t come with other equipment of any sort. Nevertheless, in the case of Keiser M3i, it comes with a whole lot.

You will get a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Floor Mat, Stretch Pads, Media Tray, Gel Seat Convert M Series Assembly, and Maintenance Kit. Just as mentioned, a whole lot! In addition, this bike is a classic example for people of any size and shape. Even if you are as short as 4’10ft or as tall as 7’0ft, it just doesn’t matter. Another unique feature is the V-shape frame which makes it look not only remarkable but is somehow very comfy to use.

There are curved crank arms that provide ample room for any footwear and the pedals make sure you do not slip. No questions can be asked about its durability because it doesn’t corrode easily and the sweat produced from your body doesn’t affect the bike. To keep track of your progress, connect to the Keiser M Series app. You can see a real-time graph on FTP zones, power, heart rate, and cadence range dials. Keep in mind, there is literally no one who complains about this exercise bike once they buy it.


Comes with many types of equipment like Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Floor Mat, Stretch Pads, Media Tray, Gel padded Seat Convert, M Series Assembly, and Maintenance Kit. It is for anyone of any size and shape. Height starts from 4’10ft to 7’0ft. It is very highly durable. Has curved crank arms that provide a lot of space for any footwear and you won’t slip. Their app can track your workouts.


The only drawback is that it is a bit more expensive than any other bike on our list.

Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person Buying Guide:

Some factors need to be considered when buying anything. The same goes for exercise bikes and this is what we are helping you with within this section.

Inseam length

There is no way you are knowing whether an exercise is perfect for your height or not without the inseam height. In each of the products, we mentioned either the inseam length or the maximum height. In some cases, we mentioned both. So yeah, it is a must to check the inseam length.


Resistance is very important for some people. It really depends on your goal. If you want to use a stationary bike for years that means you are willing to go limits. That is when resistance will matter a lot to you. We suggest you buy an exercise with more levels of resistance which all the above-mentioned bikes pretty much have.


You need to be in your comfort zone if you want to work out. Or else you will lose your desire and motivation. Look out for a bike with a thick comfortable seat. Also bikes with adjustable seats and handlebars and adjust them to your liking.

Digital Display

Reaching a goal gets easier once you divide it into parts. You can then go from one level to another and eventually reach your destination. A digital display is vital as it shows you your result or your progress. So it gets easier to set up those targets and it is also easier to check whether you fulfilled them or not.


How to know the maximum height an exercise bike offers?

By checking the inseam length, you can know the maximum height an exercise supports. In some cases, the height is directly mentioned.

Is it important to have an exercise bike that is perfect for your height?

Yes, it is very important to have an exercise for your height. Because it is not only comfortable but also reduces problems, mainly posture issues.

Does height play a part in how comfortable it is to use an exercise bike?

Not really. It depends on person to person and it also depends on how long you have been using an exercise bike. There are other factors that play a more important role than height.

Final Thoughts

Those are the 5 of the best exercise bike for tall man out there on the market. To sum it up in short, take your own factors into consideration and see which bike goes best with you. Remember no matter how big your goal is with that very best exercise bike for tall man, you will reach it. It might just take a bit more time or you might reach your goal within time too. It can be either of them. With that, that will be all!

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