Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For Short People – Five Of The Best Reviews

Finding the best recumbent exercise bike for short person can be an arduous task if you have significantly shorter legs. On the other hand, not going without exercise can also be brutally tough if you are short. That can sabotage your weight loss or other body goals because a simple diet doesn’t work. You probably know that recumbent exercise bikes are much easier for newbies to start working out. But how do you know if it will be right for you when you are a shortie?

I’ve used a variety of recumbent workout bikes in the past. In terms of having a handlebar to grip and moving the pedals forward and back, they’re comparable to upright bikes, but the seat is different. The most noticeable change is that your seat on a recumbent exercise bike leans back at a severe angle. Your legs are almost fully extended out in front of you as you sit in this position. If no one is present to give you assistance, you will most likely adjust your seat incorrectly, causing it to be out of alignment.

Well, we have you covered with our comprehensive guide. In this article, we have enlisted the best recumbent bikes we could find, and that too for short people. So hear us out when we say any one of these will make the best recumbent exercise bike for a short person. Therefore, we want your faith and good sense. So read on!

Best exercise bike types:

Exercise Bike Types: Reviews have shown that there are different types of exercise bikes on the market, combining good and bad. In front of you, the information of four mainstream working practice bikes is presented.

  • Upright Bike
  • Recumbent Bike
  • Indoor Bike
  • Air Bike

Upright Bike:

The design of an upright bike is similar to a regular bike. This bike has a stainless steel frame and high-quality flywheels. Most of the upright bikes are less than 40 inches long and 20 inches wide. Some features of the upright bike are.

  • Small, 4-way adjustable seat
  • transportation wheels to move easily
  • adjustable resistance
  • digital monitor with a heartbeat monitor
  • LCD monitor
  • silent belt/chain drive

Recumbent Bike:

This bike has a comfortable seat behind the pedals. There are no handlebars necessary for its shape. Its special shape will improve cardiovascular health. This bike is no more than 75 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 50inches in height. Some features of this bike are:

  • Comfortable seat and easy to use
  • Excellent(some years) warranties
  • The weight capacity is high

Indoor Bike:

Indoor bikes are similar to upright bikes but their handlebars are farther away from the seat. This bike burns more calories than others. But this bike lacks features such as a heart monitor.

Air Bike:

This bike is also like an upright bike but it has some uniqueness. It works with wind resistance. One can move his arm while riding an air bike. Thus, this bike can improve the upper body also.

Recumbent bike for a short legs:

An adult needs to do exercise to stay healthy and fit no matter if you are short. But short people may find it difficult to exercise with a recumbent bike. Sometimes it remains hard to use even after adjusting. To avoid this problem you have to know about some features before buying a recumbent bike. Here I have described some features of a recumbent bike that will help a short person to buy a perfect one for him.

Adjustment of the seat:

A short person should be sincere about height first. This is the main problem he will face. From analysis, A recumbent bike can have an adjustment of the seat to accommodate users between 4feet 8inche and 6feet 5inch. So while buying a recumbent bike, look for an adjustment of the seat according to your height.

Weight Capacity:

After checking a lot of recumbent bikes for short people I can surely inform you that a short and heavyweight person will have a weight capacity problem. Most bikes for short people have a weight capacity of around 2501bs. This may create problems. But some bikes have more weight capacity. The weight capacity of Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike is 300lbs.

Resistance Level:

This is a common problem for most of the bikes in the market. Many of those have maximum tension level 8. But this is not enough for a hard-working man or athlete. So if you want to do hard work, choose your resistance level wisely. XTERRA SB2.5r recumbent bike has 16 resistance levels.

Backseat and Handlebar:

Recumbent bikes are famous for their comforts. So, try not to compromise with comfort. Before riding a recumbent bike, check how comfortable you feel with the backset and handlebar. Moreover, you should look for some Common features too according to your choice:

  • Design and sturdy
  • LCD screen and Measurements.
  • Bottle and tablet holder.
  • Overall weight and Flywheel.
  • Transportation wheel or Folding system.
  • Padded foot pedals(with straps).
  • Heart rate monitor and many more.

How to choose a best recumbent exercise bike:

When choosing a recumbent bike you have to keep in mind some points. I have explained some points which will help you to choose a recumbent bike.


Fix your budget first. Then start looking for a suitable recumbent bike. Otherwise, you may be confused about choosing a recumbent bike.


The main problem with a recumbent exercise bike is about space. Be aware of the shape and space you have while buying a recumbent bike.


Recumbent bikes are designed to ensure your comfort. So, choose a recumbent bike comfortable in size. Be aware of the seat and pedals.

More necessary features:

Be sure that the recumbent bike has some features like an upright bike and some other key features.

  • Built-in USB port
  • Design and sturdy
  • Build-in strength training system
  • LCD screen and Measurements
  • Bottle and tablet holder
  • Overall weight and Flywheel
  • Transportation wheel or Folding system
  • Padded foot pedals
  • Heart rate monitor and many more

The Best Recumbent Bikes for Short Person in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide:

You will buy an Exercise Bike for the short legs? Should the bike be recumbent? That means you will buy the best recumbent bikes for short legs. ok, you have come to the right place, see our review of the 5 best recumbent exercise bikes for short legs below, and buy your useful best recumbent exercise bike for short people from Amazon.

Best recumbent bike for short legs: Exerpeutic 400XL 

The Exerpeutic 400XL bike is one of the least bulkiest stationary bikes you will ever find. It may even be the best recumbent exercise bike for a short person. Either in a closet or a corner, you can keep it anywhere folded. Unlike other recumbent bikes, which are hard to fit in tiny homes and apartments, the Exerpeutic Folding Bike will make an exemption. With cushion seats and backrest, any sizes and shapes of riders can fit into this therapeutic folding bike, with significantly shorter people.

Product Key Features:

Powerfully compact:

Don’t underestimate its power due to its compactness. We even termed it ‘the best recumbent bike for short legs in the USA.’ This bike can carry a maximum of 300 pounds. The bike also retains an 8 Magnetic Tension system for control, a high 3 piece torque system that cranks, a transmission system for ‘double drive,’ and a heart pulse. With all these dynamic add-ons, it also happens to be quite affordable.

Comfortable and concise:

The foldable bike comes with an LCD display that lets you track the distance, time, and speed at which you ran. Pulse scans and burnt calorie counter are also given for better comprehension. The backrest and cushioned comfort on the seat will accord you with a smoother run.  


  • Lightweight and foldable, so it is easier to carry and stored
  • LCD display updates distance, calories burned, time, heart rate, and more.
  • Great for people recovering from injury
  • Riders of low to high weight and sizes are welcome
  • Transport wheels for mobility are included


  • May have mismatched bolts
  • Hard to assemble and complicated instructions
  • Problematic Monitor sometimes, the pulse may only work. 

Magnetic recumbent exercise bike: Sunny Health & Fitness | SF-RB4616

Comfortable and an easy-breezy ride, this fantastic bike will fulfill your goals on the right tide! The best spin bike for short person USA is here, so short people don’t worry anymore. All you gotta do is ride as your inbuilt digital Monitor of the bike monitors your workout procedure. The Monitor has several functions, including scans, time and speed checker, distance measure, and calories and heart rate. There is also an odometer if you are interested.

Product Key Features:

Comfortable convenience:

With a cushioned seat adjustable, getting up to make further adjustments is somewhat redundant. The cushioned seat has been appended essentially to diminish strain from your legs and back marvelously. Conveniently, it’s no problem if you are on the heavy side because this bike holds up to 300 pounds. Pedals are molded so your feet will stay stabilized. 

Levels of effort:

Just move the lever for your ease if you want to be comforted while resisted with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. As you practice, you will feel yourself earning more endurance and leveling up the resistance system. With dual handlebars at the front, riding is even more pliable, so get excited. 


  • Cushioned seats add comfort to the session
  • 2-way seat adjustment for extra ease
  • Transportation is easy with wheels
  • Just grab the handles to get your heart beats checked
  • Pedal strips level themselves, so you don’t have to.


  • Problematic computer with wiring issues
  • Loud
  • Inconsistent pressure

Folding exercise bike for short person: Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 

Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike is here to maximize your productivity by letting you kill two birds with one stone. You get to work out and burn calories and even work, read, watch movies, and so much more with the desktop attached to the bike. Now working is no more passive with the physical fitness reinforcement aligned with the mental work. You can optimize your time most functionally and save it by combining two works. 

Product Key Feature:

Conquer with comfort:

This is the best air bike for a short person. It possesses an AirSoft seat manufactured with thickness and largeness that aims to provide you with airy comfort. Whether you are five feet or six is no matter because this bike comes with an adjustable seat that will suit any height up to 6’3 feet. It can also hold up to 300 lbs of weight quickly. While being functional, you can fold it up away even after having it assembled. 


The magnetic control system bears tension with 8 levels to adjust the difficulty modes. With practice, they will garner more endurance to go further. The LCD display shows you your pulse rate, time, and distance to help you measure your progress.


  • Tension control system with magnetism and 8 levels
  • Sliding desktop with different adjustments 
  • Work and workout can be combined for time waste and lag prevention
  • Comfortable with thick Airfoam on a padded seat
  • Seat Height adjustable for distinct heights


  • Desktop is unreachable for short people
  • Resistance levels may not change accordingly
  • Loud clunking noise from the right foot pedal may be heard.

Best recumbent bike for short legs: Marcy Recumbent NS-1201R

Marcy Recumbent Bike brings you convenience and comfort with an intense fat-burning session all packed in a single bike. The gear features a masterful structure with 8 resistance levels. The magnetic resistance of the system takes you to different terrains. It gives you the distinctive hardness needed to surpass them. This allows you to create a personalized session to meet your cardio criteria. All you gotta do is turn the knob.

Product Key Features:

Max effect:

For this fantastic bike minimum height is no issue. With an adjustable padded seat, you can accommodate your preferable height and length. This is especially great for shorter legs and older or injured people. The locking system is swift and smooth, and it lets you fit into your favored style as you are simply sitting. The LCD consists of a LED backlight that monitors your distance traveled along with speed reached. It also tracks the times and calories burned. 

Shape contour:

Sit onto your bike and let the shape of the cushioned seat mold your body. The pedals are also counterbalanced with adaptable straps, so even your feet are conformed with the advanced footing. Handles can be held in different positions because the grip is made with a thick layer of foam for max comfort. This is a reliable exercise bike for 49 years olds who needs to get in shape and still not get hurt. 


  • Exercise wheels make it easier to transport
  • Seat height is adjustable, which is excellent if you are short
  • Customize your workout with 8 levels of resistance 
  • LCD monitor allows you to monitor time, speed, distance and calories burned
  • Max comfort with padded seats, molded pedals, and foamed handles


  • The seat sometimes wobbles side to side
  • It may come with missing parts and no instructions
  • Handles may not fit

Progear 555lxt magnetic tension recumbent bike: Progear 555LXT 

Progear 555LXT Recumbent bike comes with an array of different features to let you have the most proficient ride when you are too short for a spinning bike. With a great monitoring system, colossal weight capacity of 250 lbs, and accessible setting, you are getting a robust bike for your best performance. WIth flipping 14 levels of resistance system with magnetism, you are getting yourself a personalized rendering to your workout. The machine consists of a smartphone or tablet holder to play your music or your podcast and even work while you are it.

Product Key Features:


The 14 levels of magnetic resistance will provide you with varying endurance levels and choose a more precise one for your practice. As you continue to do so, your practice will be heightened with durability. When you need to know, the LCD display will demonstrate the numbers you have accomplished, as the distance traveled in the amount of time with the current speed. You will also get a viewing of the calories you have burned off, an odometer, and RPM. 


The sliding bike seat rail helps you adjust while allowing a varying height range from 5 feet o 6’3 feet. You can easily fit it into tight spaces and move it to other spaces with ease with the transportation wheels. You also get a belt system named ‘Quiet Drive’ that provides a peaceful workout session exempt from bike noises.


  • Oversized pedals have foot straps for safety and compact comfort 
  • Smartphone and water bottle holder are included for max convenience
  • Quietest ride with ‘Quiet Drive’ Belt system
  • The padded seat is extended for comfort
  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance for an enduring rendering


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Too much resistance for beginners
  • The seat slides too much

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Short Person: Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best recumbent exercise bike, you must keep in mind some common features. Exercise Bike will be used by short leg person, so read the attached features here.

Adjustable Moving parts:

To avoid back injuries, you should try a new bike if the recumbent spine is too much further away from the pedals. This recumbent bike can sometimes fit a wide variety of heights and develop a bike for petite and tall buyers.

Likewise, when you possess tiny legs, you can have a short wingspan as well. You can also evaluate whether you can access the handlebars near the seat and the control console conveniently. Be sure you can reach the handles and use them for balance while exercising by testing your reach and leaning against the recumbent slant. 

Features of a quality display:

High-quality video screens are standard on the best recumbent bikes. The majority of bikes ought to be able to monitor your pace and length of exercise. More costly bikes can also have a heart monitor, odometer, even cycles per minute display, which may be essential for you to see while exercising.

Resistance system:

Suppose you prefer a bike with more minor resistance thresholds. In that case, you will need to replace it after your stamina has improved and require a new physical challenge. Before you buy a bike, you can experiment with the different degrees of resistance vital for shorter legs. As shorter legs can carry less pressure at the beginning. Some recumbent bikes have no variation in their preset levels, while others have more significant variations. So be sure to keep that in mind.


If you have short legs, you would like to consider the best recumbent exercise bike for short person. Many people looking for the right recumbent bike need a low-impact workout alternative. This style of fantastic bike is ideal for people who have poor knees or restricted mobility. This feature also makes the best recumbent bike for short legs heavy-weight people.

The recumbent slant is also an essential element in determining how comfortable a reliable exercise bike is. The slope of the recumbent slant and the strength of the recumbent padding and frame can be determining factors. The recumbent bike should be stable and robust, with no side-to-side movement when you pedal.

Weight and dimensions:

When you are short, heavier bikes can be tougher to pick. Some bikes have wheels that make them easier to ride, while others can be folded. Recumbent fitness equipment is often equipped with wheels and a light frame to allow you to switch your bikes out of the way. Other cycle styles have an interchangeable recumbent slant and front wheel, enabling you to fold the bike before storing it. Bikes can be fast or difficult to move, depending on the model.

Best Recumbent Bike for Short Legs: Conclusion

Finally, we’ll recommend one recumbent exercise bike model as the finest choice for those of petite stature. If you don’t want to spend more than $200 on an upright recumbent exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 400XL Upright Exercise Bike is a wonderful option. This model has some of the most important functions, such as tension and heart rate control, which have a big impact on your riding experience. There are still 8 levels of magnetic tension control, which should be sufficient for most casual users.

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