Assault Bike vs Spin Bike: Complete Comparison for Men and Women in 2022

An assault bike, a spin bike, or an indoor cycle all refer to the same type of bike. They are a great way to get an intense workout and they are an excellent way to add variety to your workout. However, there are a number of differences between them that are important to know. This blog will take a look at the main differences between an assault bike and a spin bike.

To buy a suitable indoor bike you need to know about some features. Here I will compare two types of exercise bikes and their features in-depth which will give you a perfect idea about choosing an indoor bike for you.

Assault bike vs Spin bike In-Depth Comparison in 2022:


Assault air bike and Sunny spin bike are two popular bikes of different types. “which one is better? air bike or spin bike?” is a controversial topic. to get rid of this controversy I will describe everything about these two types of bikes and compare these bikes for you based on deep research.

Assault AirBike Classic Specifications:

  • Item weight 110 lbs
  • Item dimensions 59.9523.3450.
  • The sturdy body of aluminum and alloy steel.
  • Maximum weight capacity 350 lbs
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • The diameter of the steel fan is 25inches
  • Mobile holder/Tablet holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Six-way adjustable seat

Assault AirBike Classic features with details:

Here I will discuss some important features of the assault air bike classic. you need to know about these features before buying an indoor bike. I will provide you with extensive information so that you can make your wise decision.

Guided Assembly:

Assault air bike classics are easy to assemble. It does not require hard work to assemble this bike. this bike comes with an instruction manual which will help to assemble the bike within some moments. moreover, the assault air bike classic also provides step by step instructional video that will make the assemble of this bike easier. check out the video and get ready to rock.

Design and build quality:

The assault air bike has a decent look with the better build quality. this bike has a steel frame and there are twenty sealed ball bearings throughout the frame and pivot point which is an amazing feature. these ball bearings will ensure a smooth and durable ride even after using thousands of hours. this bike requires no maintenance for heavy and rough use.

This upright bike will allow riding up to 350 lbs weight. so, any chubby person can also ride this bike to lose weight. again, you will face no shakiness while riding this bike. having all these features, design, and build quality of this bike is enough to meet everyone’s needs.

Size & Transportation:

Assault air bike classic is heavy and big in size. this bike is not a foldable bike and has less compactness. so it will take some space where it will stay. this may be a disadvantage but you need not worry about space. you can move this bike without facing any problem with built-in transportation wheels. thus, lack of compactness does not matter for assault bikes. it has an easy alternative.

Resistance System:

The resistance system of the assault air bike is suitable for everyone. this bike has an air resistance system with a twenty-five inches steel fan. this system will allow you to set resistance according to your workout. you can set unlimited resistance for upper body workouts and lower body workouts. thus, as a child or an athlete, anyone can use this bike for a different level of workout. moreover, the fan wheel is very smooth. it may create a little noise but that will not be annoying.

LCD Monitor:

This air bike has a stunning LCD monitor that will show you seven onboard programs. these programs are essential to track your workout. The LCD display will show your time of exercise, speed, RPM, calories burned during cycling, heart rate, and more. you have to monitor these programs to get the expected workout output.

Again heart rate monitor is a unique and efficient feature to analyze your health and show your workout level. in a word, the LCD display will provide you with all the information you need to track your workout. you will also know about your health condition.

Tabata Workout Mode:

Tabata workout mode is an amazing feature that makes this stationary bike one of the best indoor exercise equipment. it helps a lot for improving body strength and stamina. this feature also brings something different in exercise that’s why you will not get bored.

Comfortable for Everyone:

The assault stationary bike comes with an adjustable seat. This feature will allow adjusting the bike according to your comfort even for a child. moreover, its maximum weight capacity is 350lbs. so all the members of a family can ride this air bike. some features will make beginners feel comfortable and some features will allow the athletes to meet their goals. thus, this is a suitable bike for everyone.

Sunny spin bike (SF-B1805) Specifications:

  • Item weight is 125.7 lbs.
  • Item dimension is 482345 inches.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 135 kilograms.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Belt-driven system.
  • The heavy flywheel of 44 lbs.
  • Caged pedals with adjustable straps this feature will ensure a safe ride.
  • 182 MM Q factor.
  • Water bottle holder. you will have a bottle near to you to drink liquids and refresh yourself when cycling.
  • Mobile phone holder for entertainment purposes.

Sunny spin bike features with details:

Sunny SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike is one kind of spin bike. this bike is effective for hard workouts. it comes with some updated features that will make your life easy and comfortable. yet, you have to know about some features before buying this bike. here I will discuss every feature you need to know about this bike.


The sunny spin bike comes with a pre-assembled drive and frame. you need to install seats, handlebars, pedals, and stabilizer bars. so this is a good thing but the problem is its weight. you may face some problems setting up the bike alone that’s why SHF recommends 2 people to assemble this stationary bike. you will find an instruction manual in the box which is clear enough. this bike will not take more than one hour to assemble.

Design & Build Quality:

The SF-B1805 bike has a durable steel frame and stabilizer bars. so, you will feel a smooth ride and less shakiness with this bike. maximum user capacity is 136kilograms which is pretty much good. during the transition, the bike will not wobble. it will help you to concentrate on your workout. this stationary exercise bike comes with four levers to even up and stop the bike from rocking. so, this sturdy bike will provide you with a comfortable ride.

Space and Store:

The sunny spin bike is heavy and the bike does not fold up. but you need not worry because it has a compact design. so you will not face problems with space. moreover, the transportation wheel lets you move the bike wherever you want. you can store the bike if you want.

Heavy Flywheel:

The sunny spin bike comes with a heavy flywheel of 44 lbs. this flywheel is perfect for a high-intensity cardio workout. Moreover, this flywheel is bi-directional. this heavy flywheel requires more calories to spin and muscles work. so, this flywheel will fill up your required workout. with this flywheel, you will have a smooth ride and feel no jerky and shaky movements. One thing that is poor is that the flywheel does not have any cover to prevent sweat.

Magnetic Resistance System:

An amazing feature of this bike is the Magnetic resistance system. here, magnets never touch the flywheel for creating resistance. so, it will not make any rubbing noise. you will feel quiet weather always. this bike does not have a resistance level but there is a tension knob to set resistance according to your comfort and workout level. thus, the resistance system is really satisfying. yet it also does not have any cover to prevent sweat.

Belt Driven System:

The Sunny SF-B1805 indoor cycle comes with a belt-driven system. best driven is smoother and quieter than the chain-driven system. this belt system requires low maintenance and lasts longer. This belt-driven system perfectly matches its design, sturdiness, and flywheel, which will provide you with a stunning riding experience.

Adjustable Seat & Multi-grip Handle Bars:

SF-B1805 bike has a 4-way adjustable seat. so anyone can adjust the seat according to his comfort. moreover, the seat is padded for proper comfort and large in size. yet if you feeling discomfort you can attach a seat cover also.

handlebars are also 4-way adjustable. these multi-grip handlebars will offer you every comfortable position to grip. again it will prevent your hands from slipping because this handlebar comes with a sweat resistance grip. thus the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable and user-friendly.

Console System:

The sunny spin bike does not come with a console or an LCD. this is not a disadvantage of this exercise bike because the bike has a better solution to this problem. you can see enough information about your workout on your phone using a simple app.

Other Features:

This bike has some other features. you will find these features useful and helpful for riding a cycle. Some of these are:

Assault bike vs spin bike In-Depth Comparison one more:

Assault AirBike Elite Specifications :

  • Item weight is 138.89 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 5526.255 inches.
  • Maximum weight capacity 350 lbs.
  • Solid steel frame.
  • Upper & lower body engagement.
  • ANT & Bluetooth connectivity.
  • High-quality bearings in every pivot.
  • Bi-directional pedaling.
  • 4-way adjustable seat.

Assault AirBike Elite features with details:

The Assault Air Bike Elite is a leading fan bike in the market. they took customer feedback before making this bike. then they tried to fill up all customer needs and make this bike. so assault air bike elite has some updated and satisfying features that will fill up your demands. here are some important features of this cardio machine bike:

Guided Assembly:

Assembly of the assault air bike elite is not complicated. one person can assemble it alone in 1 hour. but this bike is heavy, almost 139lbs, so it will be better if two-person assemble it. if you get confused about how to assemble this air bike, you need not be worried. the customer service team of assault fitness will help you.

Design & Build Quality:

The assault air bike is made of a solid steel frame. the build quality is good enough. this heavy bike will provide you with a smooth ride. the maximum user limit is 350 lbs which are also decent. chubby people will face no problem in their workouts with this bike. the aluminum seat will provide you with a comfortable ride. again this sturdy frame has sweat resistance. I hope, no one will have to complain about the design and build quality.

Size & Transportation:

All the air bikes are large. so assault elite bike is not a compact bike. it will take some space in your home/gym. again this bike is 138.89 lbs in weight. but you can be sure, this will not be your problem. this air bike comes with transportation wheels. t6hus the bike is effortless to move. you can store this bike and bring it back to the place without any problem.

Interval training & Resistance:

Assault air bike elite will provide unlimited resistance to the users. bike resistance will increase along with user speed. moreover, it features upper body or lower body engagement or isolation. so, this resistance bike allows you to set your own workout level. thus, this bike is perfect for high-intensity interval training.

Multi-grip Handles:

The assault air bike elite comes with multi-grip handles. this feature will provide various holding positions. comfortable grip and position vary from person to person. but you need not worry about comfortable exercising with this bike. you can choose a comfortable workout position for you. moreover, handlebars are soft and sweatproof.

Console System:

The console system of the assault air bike elite is a surprising feature. the feature will take you to the future. this LCD display will show time, distance, speed, calories burned, and even your heart rate. thus, it is easy to track your workout and achieve your goal using this console system. moreover, you can connect this LCD display with Bluetooth or ANT.

The console system of the assault air bike elite is a surprising feature. the feature will take you to the future. this LCD display will show time, distance, speed, calories burned, and even your heart rate. thus, it is easy to track your workout and achieve your goal using this console system. moreover, you can connect this LCD display with Bluetooth or ANT.

Bluetooth system:

This air bike is an updated exercise bike with modern technology. one of these techniques is Bluetooth connectivity. this feature will make your workout modern and decent by connecting your mobile phone for monitoring your heart rate. you can track your heart rate also.

NordicTrack spin bike Specifications:

  • Item weight 204 lbs.
  • Item dimension is 6022.0162.99 inches.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs.
  • 32 lbs flywheel.
  • The number of resistance is 24.
  • UPGRADED 22” Rotating HD Touchscreen Display.
  • 10-year frame warranty and 2-year parts warranty.
  • Auto trainer control
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Two storage cups for water bottles and other accessories.
  • Attached fan for airflow below the screen.
  • adjustable fan direction.

Nordictrack spin bike features with details:

Nordictrack S22i is a spin exercise bike. this bike is not a normal spin bike; some features make this bike very special. LCD screen and Bluetooth connection of this bike are updated and advanced features that will shock you. I have discussed this bike in detail:


The assembly process of the S22i exercise bike is slightly complicated. you have to put every single part in place, even the handlebars, and footers. this process will also require some time because every part is individually packed. yet, it is possible for one person to assemble this bike. but Nordic track recommends two-person to assemble this bike in a short time.

Build Quality & Space:

The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is stable enough for a smooth ride. The design of this bike is decent-looking. this sturdy frame will allow up to 350 lbs of users for cycling. this bike will take some space as it has a 22 inches large LCD display in front of it. but the transportation wheel is the solution to this problem. these wheels will allow you to move the bike.:


The S22i Studio Bike comes with a 32lbs flywheel which is a good weight. the flywheel is smooth spinning and provides a comfortable ride. 32 lbs weight is enough for hardworking. Again this flywheel will create fluid motion with less noise.


The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is fully adjustable. so, anyone can adjust this bike and enjoy a comfortable ride. the adjustable features of this bike:

  • you can adjust the seat to forward and aft.
  • you can move the saddle stem up and down.
  • and you can also adjust the handlebars to up and down.

these features make this bike user-friendly and comfortable for anyone. adjust the bike and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Console System:

The most impressive feature of this spin bike is its LCD display. 22 inches large screen in front of you will give you an awesome experience. moreover, this display is adjustable and will allow for 360-degree rotation. again the screen is swivel so that you can do iFit workouts. the quality of the display is impressive. it has an improved HD graphic processor which will provide a better view.

Yet, you can adjust settings for expected resolution and brightness level. this high-quality touch screen will allow you to control anything with a single touch. you can adjust resistance, change volume, screen setting, incline, etc on this touch screen. This modern feature will make your ride easier and more enjoyable.

Bluetooth connection:

One of the updated and modern features is Bluetooth headphone connectivity. you can enjoy high-quality in-ear audio. this feature will entertain you while doing exercise AND faster wifi connectivity will not let you face any problems.

Magnetic Resistance System:

The s22i bike has a magnetic resistance system. this system does not need friction to create resistance. this is why this bike makes no noise and you will have a decent ride. Moreover, this bike comes with 24 resistance levels which offer you to have different levels of workout. you can adjust the resistance level with the LCD screen. FIT Trainers auto-adjust your resistance and incline for a hands-free workout.

Assault bike vs Spin bike: Pros & Cons

Every bike has its advantages and disadvantages. but it will vary from person to person’s choice. here I will point out some advantages and disadvantages of assault air bikes and spin bikes. check it out carefully to have the right one for you.

Assault AirBike pros:

  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • high weight capacity.
  • Tabata workout mode.
  • Interval training program.
  • Upper body workout.
  • Unlimited resistance level.
  • Low maintenance.

Assault Air Bike cons:

  • The Chain-driven system is noisy.
  • nor foldable nor compact design.

Spin bike pros:

  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Updated and Advance features.
  • Bigger LCD screen.
  • Create less noise.
  • Belt-driven system.
  • Better cardio workout.

Spin bike cons:

  • Less effective for the upper body.
  • Back pain.

Assault bike vs Spin bike user feedback:

I have shared many details about these bikes. Now, I will provide you with some information about how other users feel riding these bikes. I have done deep research to collect proper information on user feedback. here is a summary of my research:

Assault air bike user feedback:

Assault air bike is a well-developed bike. almost every buyer is happy with the bike performance. they are enjoying hard work with this bike. console program is also satisfying for them. no objection with the build quality. everybody loves this durable and sturdy exercise bike. however, some people found problems riding this exercise machine.

As the bike is chain-driven, it will make noise. some people think the noise is annoying but I think that was fine. I saw in one feedback that the buyer needs to replace the chain which is normal. and the last and most important one is, some people did not get a response in time. I hope they will work on it.

Spin bike user feedback:

Spinning bike users are also satisfied with the performance. they love the LCD screen and the features. no objection with the magnetic resistance and belt-driven system. these features provide a smooth ride and will make almost no noise. yet, you will face a problem assembling this bike alone but two people can easily assemble this bike. there are also some complaints about the customer service.

Assault bike vs spin bike buying guide:

Which bike is better for you? air bike or spin bike? actually, there is no specific answer to this question. it demands on your demands. these two bikes provide different services. so, look before your leap. focus on your demands then go for a buy. First, look at the flywheel. havier flywheel will provide hard work. air bike comes with a large and heavier flywheel than a spin bike. so, if you want to work hard then bring an air bike.

the resistance system is a big thing for any person. air bike will make noise as it works on drag force (wind resistance) whereas the spin bike works with magnetic force. so, the spin bike will make no noise. buy a spin bike if you hate a noise while riding a cycle.

The LCD screen is also a fact. look for the console system before buying a bike. The most important feature is to look at types of workouts. air bike will provide a full-body workout (upper body also). for high-impact training, fast weight loss, and hard work air bike is the best choice. for advanced features and low-intensity training, a spin bike will be the best choice. Consider those features before buying an exercise bike. otherwise, you may face some problems.

Assault bike vs spin bike: final thoughts

We just want to say that there is always a debate about which exercise bike is better. because everyone’s needs are different. However, both a spin bike and an assault bike will meet the different needs of functional gym equipment and different people, so there is no good or correct answer.

The important thing is to determine your needs and choose the right equipment for them. In this blog post, we have discussed the assault bike and compared it to the spin bike. Hopefully, this will help you decide which bike is right for you.


What is the difference between a spin bike and an air bike?

There are many different features between an air bike and a spin bike. but the biggest difference is the magnetic system. The spin bike comes with a magnetic resistance system that makes less noise.

Is spinning and cycling the same thing?

Spinning is a part of Cycling. cycling means riding a cycle at various speeds/angles and turning your handles to change direction. but spinning means a smooth and steady ride and letting the wheels go on.

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