How Long on An Exercise Bike to Lose Weight? The Proper way in 2021

How long on an exercise bike to lose weight depends on various factors, which include your gender type, age, weight, and the intensity, frequency, and duration of your workouts. Riding a stationary exercise bike is an effective way to calorie burn, body fat while strengthening one’s heart, lungs, and muscles. You can quickly and easily lose your desired weight by using it.

This article will be going over how long one should be hoping to ride an exercise bike to lose weight ideally.

What is Weight Loss

Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a reduction of the total body mass by a mean loss of fluid, body fat (adipose tissue), or lean mass (namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue).

Exercise Bike Types

An exercise bike is also known as a stationary bike, exercise bicycle, or exercise cycle. It is a gadget that is utilized as gym equipment for indoor cycling.

Stationary Bike with Magnetic Resistance

You can quickly burn 400-500 calories in one hour exercising on an exercise bicycle without any physical interruption. (Source: Harvard Medical University).

Another significant advantage is you do not need too much time to lose weight through this type of bicycle.


It’s are four type of bike:-

  1. Upright bike;
  2. Recumbent bike;
  3. Dual-action; and
  4. Interactive Bikes.

Exercise Bike to Lose Weight in 6 Steps

You do not need to hire a trainer, diet delivery plan, or any paid course to lose your desired weight in due time. It would be best to burn more calories than you consume which can be done by indoor cycling.

A six steps plan about weight loss goals is given below that will pave your way perfectly and tremendously.

Step-1#: Set your own goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible,” Anthony Robbins. The first step is to set a clear goal about your weight loss plan, like how many pounds you want to lose considering your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Step-2#: Set your exercise time frame

Set your exercise time because it is another precautionary measurement of your weight loss program. You can divide one day into two sessions and assess how much time you want to spend per week. The total time you want to take to complete this weight loss program is another crucial issue.

Step-3#: choose a perfect exercise bike

The burning issue is to select a perfect indoor bike to lose weight. Your whole plan may go to dogs due to the wrong bike selection. I hardly prefer a recumbent exercise bike for this type of program. So choose a suitable cycle and start your session.

Step-4#: Ideal dietary arrangement when working out

You need a legitimate dietary arrangement that helps select an appropriate eating plan before, during, and after your indoor cycling.

It would be best if you noticed the term” burn more calories than you consume.” A sporadic dietary arrangement may hamper your optimal result. So select a suitable format for your entire exercise meeting.

You may eat a banana, apple, a slice of toast with butter, or a handful of whole-grain cereal before half an hour of your session start. After your session, you may eat low-fat chocolate or walnuts with pear.

That will help replenish your muscles glycogen store and provide amino acid for muscle repair and building. Drink adequate sum water previously, during, and after your exercise to keep your digestion murmuring and consuming calories productively

Step-5#: Continuity

For satisfying your health improvement plan, you should proceed with your activity ideal and routine. Here the term”continuity” signifies keeping up your exercise timely, regularly, and a healthy diet with a self-appraisal.

Step-6#: Reward yourself

Plan tasteful prizes yourself for each achievement of your weight loss program. For models, give yourself a weight loss tracker when you complete your initial 4 pounds loss. You can post on social media about your first success story for more appreciation from others.

Keep going and reward yourself with each achievement like new exercise clothes, upgrading water bottles, Buy or make a unique piece of adornments, or night out with friends. It will help you to keep up your confidence in exercise and accelerate your progress.

How Long on an Exercise Bike to Lose Weight

The term “weight loss” is directly related to the phrase “burn calories.” Weight loss requires burning more calories than you take in.

OVICX Magnetic Stationary Bike

Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit American medical center, says that” if one wants to lose a pound of fat, one must burn 3500 calories” ‘.Therefore exercise is indeed to lose weight. stationary Bike can help one to lose bodyweight through burning calories at a specific time.

Using estimations from Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-pound person should burn 260 calories riding a stationary bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. Therefore, a person weighing 155 pounds could lose 1 pound of fat riding a bike for a little less than seven hours.

As indicated by Harvard Health Publishing

A 155-pound individual who cycles at a moderate power for 30-minutes can consume 260 calories.

A 125-pound individual can consume 211 for a similar time and power.

A 185-pound individual can consume 311 for a similar time and power.

Moderate cycling burns around 300 calories in 60 minutes (Hindustan times, August-12, 2017). Suppose one average person uses these types of the bike at a reasonable speed for 15-30 minutes.

In that case, one could lose around 180 calories. A person, age 14-64, can exercise easily five days a week. A workout or plan about bike exercising is described below, including what time is required to lose weight.

Exercise Bike Workout

Suppose one wants to lose 10 pounds by using an exercise bike whose weight is 185 pounds. According to the mayo clinic, to lose one pound of fat, 3500 calories must burn.

On average, a person can burn 180 calories per half an hour. Most people y spend 5 to 8 hours per week indoor cycling to lose weight. A 185-pound individual can consume 311 calories per half an hour.

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 6100

If he or she wants to lose 10 pounds, he or she must have burn 10*3500=35000 calories. Let this person spend 5 hours per week consuming on an average 311×2×5= 3110. Finally,

the time required to lose a 10-pound weight is 35000÷3110=11.23 or twelve weeks that means three months. Dieting is an important factor during this period.


For one-hour cycling workouts daily a suitable instruction as follows as

You can start off peddling at a low intensity for the first 5 to 10 minutes. Then switch to medium power for 5 to 10 minutes. Alternate between high intensity (2-3minutes) and medium intensity (4-5 minutes) for the next 30 minutes.

Finally, you can slow down your pedaling at low power for the last 5 to 10 minutes. We hope that it will be great and help you achieve your final result without any physical disturbance.

Final Thoughts

Exercise bikes are great indoor machines for losing weight, especially during the covid-19 time. Using these types of bikes, you can quickly and perfectly lose your desired weight in the meantime.

We strongly suggest that the stationary bike is better than any other indoor exercise machine for weight loss. Final word: you should buy it as early as possible if you want to lose your desired weight on the indoor ground.

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