How Long Should You Run on a Treadmill to Lose Belly Fat? Everything You Need To Know in 2021

How Long Should You Run on a Treadmill to Lose Belly Fat?

The title ‘How long should you run on a treadmill to lose belly fat” especially indicates some points which are the timeframe of your exercise session on the treadmill daily or weekly, how much fat you want to lose or needed to lose and what will be your daily healthy diet weight loss program that Controls your body fat during your fixed weight loss goals.

The treadmill is a great indoor machine that allows one to walk or run. In other words, it is a great substitution for outdoor running and maybe the best alternative during this pandemic situation (covid-19). 

According to WHO, 15-64-year-olds exercise at least 30 minutes a day to stay a healthy weight? Do you know how much fat you can lose if you spend these 30 minutes exercising on a treadmill? With the help of a treadmill, you can burn 300-700 calories per half hour depending on how fast you are exercising on the treadmill.

By reading this article you will get a clear and reasonable idea about how long you should run a treadmill to lose your belly fat because it is focused especially on it.

If you want to lead a smarter and healthier life by reducing belly fat on a treadmill, you must know how long you need to spend on exercise machines to lose belly fat. Well, informative information is written below lines.

Let’s start reading….

What is belly fat?

belly fat

Belly fat in medical terms is called” visceral fat” which can be called harmful belly fat. body fat refers to fat around the abdomen. It surrounds a person’s organ or sits under the skin.

In 2005, Harvard health publishing reported in a journal that excess visceral fat could lead to life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart attack.

Can thin people have belly fat?

Yes, a thin person may have belly fat. So everyone should be concerned about belly fat. Otherwise, you may be attacked by the deadly disease. 

How long should you run on a treadmill to lose belly fat?

How long should I run on a treadmill to lose belly fat ?

It is quite a common question but an alarming point to lose your belly fat. Your body-weight loss program success depends on how long time on the treadmill you can spend. You can choose two types of exercise like i) HIIT weight training ii) slow and steady method weight training.

HIIT means High-Intensity Interval Training. This type of training helps lose your belly fat in a short time through high-intensity exercise on the treadmill. 

Slow and steady method training means training at a sound pace that is more suitable than HIIT training. Slow method training is quality training.

Research shows that those who want to lose fat through HIIT training on a treadmill most of them lose their interest after a few weeks. So a slow and steady method is the best option to lose belly fat because a slow and steady always wins the race. 

Note: you can not lose only your deep belly fat specifically because when you continue your regular exercise on the treadmill other parts of fat will lose. So it is the most concerning issue. That means when you fix your high-impact exercise time frame you must count other parts fat.

 According to Mayo Clinic, 1 pound of fat equals 3500 calories. It means if you want to lose 1 pound of belly fat you need to burn 3500 calories. Now we describe a well-planned slow and steady method in four steps which describes how much time you will spend on a treadmill to reduce belly fat.

Step-1: Time management 

Term ‘Time management’  simply include two points:-  

  • much time you can spend on treadmill exercise daily.
  • 2.what will be the number of days in an activity per week. 

Note: you need continuity to achieve a quality result and Try to put in at least a 30-40 minute treadmill workout every day.

Let, you can spend 30 minutes per day and continue it the whole week. so you spend in 1 week 30*7= 210 minutes or 3.5 hours.

Step- 2: Correlation between speed intensity and calories burned 

How many calories you want to burn on a treadmill depends on effective workout duration and weight. 

You can burn calories at the same time in different amounts running or walk on the treadmill. It depends on the intensity of your exercise. Pretty information about this correlation is pointed out below

Weight 3 mph4 mph5mph6mph7 mph8mph9mph10mph
130ibs174 calories 221 calories269 calories 316 calories364 calories411 calories459 calories 506 calories
155 lbs206 calories264 calories321 calories 377 calories433 calories490 calories546 calories603 calories
180 lbs240 calories 306 calories372 calories438  calories503 calories570 calories635 calories700 calories

N.B.: table indicates calories burn in 30 minutes

Step-3: Set up a game plan for 30 minutes 

 The most important point is now. How can you run or power walking on a treadmill in these 30 minutes is a burning issue.  A perfect exercise outline can give outstanding results for your belly fat loss program.  We divided it into three sessions and reminded them that these sessions must need continuity. 

  • You can walk the first 5 minutes at 3 mph and the next 5 minutes at 4 mph. 
  • After completing the first part you can start your 2nd session at a full steady pace. You run at 60 seconds for 8 mph and then for 30 seconds at 10mph. Run non-stop on the treadmill for the next 30-minute mark.
  • Cooldown your full steady pace gradually and keep it at 3-4 mph for the last ten minutes. 

Note: You must know the fat reduction zone. Fat burning zone = ( maximum heart rate – your age) × 70%. If you want to go to a fat-burning zone you must follow it.

Step-4: Desired results

What will be your achievement after completing 30 minutes of exercise on the treadmill daily? Now we calculate it

Let your weight is 155-pound (70-kg) person and just want to lose your 4 pounds belly fat. We consider all formulas that we discussed in the previous 3 steps.


For first  five minutes calorie consumption= (5×206)/30= 34.33 calories

2nd five minute calorie consumption = (5×264)/30= 44 calories 

In 2nd session at every step burn=[{ ( 490×60)/ 1800}+ {(603×30)/1800}] = 16.33+10.05= 26.38 calories in every  90 seconds

That’s it 2nd session 20 minutes burn= ( 26.38×20×60)/ 90=  351.73  calories 

For the last  10 minutes, we consider the average method for burning calories.

The amount of calories burn in 3rd session = [{(206+264)/2}×10]/30 =78.33 calories 

Results: Hurrah!! Finally you can burn per day= 33.33+44+351.73+78.33 = 507.39 calories. It can be around 500 calories per day by 30-minute exercise on the treadmill.

So it appears that with 30 minutes of exercise on a treadmill daily you can burn 500 ×7= 3500 calories in a week. Reminds it 3500 calories equal to 1 pound of fat. Truly you can lose your 1 pound belly fat on the treadmill in a week. Therefore you can burn your 4 pounds of belly fat in 4 weeks or 1 month by 30 minutes of exercise on the treadmill daily.

Note: continue your exercise at least 30 minutes daily. Here continuity in exercise is a prime concern. Weight is another notable point.

In addition to these 30 minutes of exercise every day on the treadmill, what else to do?

Burn more calories than consumed for losing your stubborn belly fat. You must follow some rules during your exercise days. These are included in below bullet  points

  • Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods because they reduce calorie absorption and keep the stomach full.
  • Sleep at least 6 hours daily. Less than 6  hours of sleep increases belly fat and Weight. (Source: The American Journal of Medicine)
  • eat sour yogurt after meals as it will help increase your stomach’s efficiency and reduce abdominal fat.
  • Drink plenty of water half an hour before and after the treadmill exercise. Drink plenty of water even after half an hour of eating. Water will play an effective role in reducing fat as well as keeping your body’s metabolism functioning properly.
  • Stay away from stress or extra anxiety as much as possible because it increases the secretion of cortisol hormone in our body and increases our appetite which in turn increases the chances of fat accumulation in the abdomen.
  • Make it a habit to eat low-calorie whole fruits without eating fruit juices or juices, so that nutrition comes with fiber. Fruits with fiber have an effective role in reducing belly fat. Practice eating such fruits before practicing on a treadmill. Hopefully, this will reduce your belly fat more quickly.
  •  Eat Omega-3 rich fish and foods.
  • Soft drinks, sweet foods, processed foods, high-calorie foods, refined sugars, fast food, fatty foods, trans fat foods should be completely removed from the food list. Because no matter how much you practice on a treadmill, you will never lose belly fat if you eat this kind of food. 

The bottom lines

You may have heard that prevention is better than cure. So control your disgusting belly fat before it turns into deadly diseases. If you have a question like, how long should you run on a treadmill to lose belly fat? you probably know the right answer.

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