Privacy Policy is totally strict to protect your privacy. We do not track your extra data/information and privacy. We just collect some of your information like other websites.
The information that we gather…

We save your IP address.

  • How many times you stay on our website and how many articles you read from here.
  • We can track where you from.
  • How you come to our website. Google search, From Social Media, Forum sites, Or Other refer links? Just we can know this from your analytic.
  • Also, the information we know that which type of device you used to visit our website like tab, mobile, PC.

Why we collect this information?

We want to know how nay people come to our website and which type of peoples. Besides, we ensure our traffic behaviors. In this process, we know that how much time a user spends reading our article?

Are our articles good or bad? If we want to know that we have to track your behaviors. Depends on it we update our articles and analysis. We find the demands of our visits and we try to provide you the best information.

Moreover, we can email you if we post another interesting article. We always write very informative and helpful articles and you can get a notification if we post our new updates.

You do not need to worry about our privacy and policy. We just take the data for updates and provide you batter something.

Our Policy is a website that is run by Gym expert. We are providing honest and useful information so that you can find the right solution about Gym and exercise bikes.

We find out some topic that people are facing and we provide the solution with our articles.

A use can subscribe our website so that our updates can be reached to him/her. You can bookmark our website on your browser. It will be a better option to visit here and you will get our updates quickly.

Also, we can update our policy.

Thank you ….

Best Regards

Exercise Bike See Team.

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