Fitness Bikes: Everything You Need to Know About Buying One

What comes to your mind when you hear an unfamiliar term? Do you skip that or look for its meaning? Did you ever hear the words ‘fitness bike’ before? When I listened to this term for the very first time, I thought, what is a fitness bike actually?

Is it just for staying fit, or is it like a regular bike that we see around us? Can this be used as a tool for exercising or reducing weight? If you have similar questions in your mind or any other queries regarding a fitness bike, let me be your guide and shed some light on this.

Bikes are usually two-wheelers (few three-wheelers are also there) and are often used as a mode of transportation. Besides this, one can use bikes to transform one’s physique. Maximum people know how much beneficial it is to exercise. One of the best ways to exercise is riding bikes.

There are different types of bikes available in the market, such as fitness bicycle indoor, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, adventure road bikes, fitness bikes, outdoor fitness bikes, hybrid bikes, folding bikes, etc. Let’s get to know about the fitness bikes.

These fitness bikes are similar to hybrid bikes and are basically used as fitness gear for working out at home or at the gym. This type of bike is also known as stationary bike, as they are fixed in a specific place.

Fitness bikes are becoming popular these days. One of the main reasons was the COVID-19 crisis. Because of this pandemic, people were stuck at home and were unable to go outside to work out, and gradually, they went with the option of having some fitness gear at home to remain fit and fine.

Some people do not feel comfortable at the gym as a wide range of people accesses those places. Sometimes, gyms can be smelly, sweaty, etc. A Fitness bike is an ideal option for people who have very little time to visit the gym regularly or do not have enough cash flow to pay the charges needed to get into a gym.

Most of the things in this world come with pros and cons. The same goes for this fitness gear as well. Some of the pros are – safe, convenient, cost-effective, burns body fat, improves fitness, etc. There are some disadvantages as well, and they are – knee pain, handlebar palsy, inflammation, any physical injury, etc.

What does a bike do?

The extra amount of fat affects our day-to-day lifestyle in various ways called overweight or obesity. Obesity presents a threat to our health. According to the ‘Global Burden of Diseases’, near 4 million people are dying each year caused by overweight issues and diseases.

The number is increasing day by day as we are a generation full of lazy-heads. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculates a person’s physical condition based on their weight and height. BMI over or near around 30 is very much dangerous for our health. If we do not handle the issue right now, it can be a disaster in the long run.

Most people nowadays want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but can’t do it because of time shortage. But they are ignoring the health risk on the go. A simple 45 minutes light exercise at home can be a savior in this situation.

As we all know, cycling is an excellent exercise. The modern world has made everything easy for us. The exercise bike is one of the most excellent solutions for maintaining a good lifestyle at home.

An exercise bike is an all in all package. Like the other bikes, the exercise bike’s functionality is almost the same except for the fact that it can’t move us from one place to another. It especially makes our heart more functional by accelerating the pumping rhythm of the Oxygen in our body.

We can burn the highest amount of calories while making our heart and muscle strength at home with the help of an exercise bike. It provides less pressure on our body and joints while giving the best output. It is one of the best Cardio (Aerobic) workouts.

Always remember one fact, “Health is wealth.” Health is the key to all other happiness.

What does an exercise bike do?

Well, an exercise bike can help us in various ways in a remote situation. One can train oneself at home with the help of an exercise bike. It comes with great benefits, Such as:

  • It helps us to burn a massive amount of calories in a short time session.
  • It tones our body, especially the thighs and the lower body area. 
  • As it is an ‘Aerobic/Cardio exercise, we can boost up our core strength with its help.
  • While riding an exercise bike, our body pumps more oxygen than in regular times. It helps to make our hearts vital for functioning accurately.
  • Our body functions work perfectly when we start doing cardio exercise regularly in a maintained way. 

Internal Benefits: 

  • It helps us to improve our memory and brain functions.
  • It keeps our blood pressure at a low level by making the Cardio-Vascular muscle strong
  • It also gives us sound sleep.
  • It helps us to decrease the blood sugar level in our body
  • It enriches our immunity system.
  • It decreases the stress and gives us more energy which we deserve in a healthy life.

External Benefits :

  • A 45 minutes cycling on a good exercise bike can burn around 550 Calories which helps us to improve our shapes while cutting the extra fat from our bodies.
  • Our skin gets toned and looks glamorous.
  • It helps us to look younger than before by making our body shredded by reducing the body fat percentage. 
  • It is 100% safer than the traditional bike if we use them on the road for cardio exercise only.
  • One who can’t ride a bike properly will able to achieve the riding experience and benefits with an exercise bike.

We can’t finish telling the benefits of the exercise bike in words. In short, an exercise bike is a must-have equipment these days if we want to maintain sound health without giving extra effort. 

Let’s have a look at fitness bikes

Various kinds of fitness bikes:

We can classify fitness bikes into three major categories.

Upright Bike

Upright Bike

It’s a trendy type of fitness bike. Its petals are situated exactly under our bodies. It helps to develop core strength. Can use it in both standing and sitting positions.

A slight downside is that it puts pressure on our hands and wrists.

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bike

In the recumbent fitness bike, we find different sitting positions with larger comfortable seats. Its seats are positioned back from the pedals.

It is a great deal for children and older citizens because of its comfortable positions, which are less intensive and put less pressure on the body

Dual-action bike

Dual-action bike

It is for those who want to burn the maximum amount of calories at a time. Dual-action fitness bikes have handlebars that move back and forth, which results from the whole body workout at a time.

Our both upper and lower body gets beneficial workouts from a Dual-action fitness bike. 

None of the types are superior to others. It’s a personal choice for everybody according to their conditions and physical needs. 


Are fitness bikes expensive? How much should I keep as a budget for a fitness bike?

Cannot answer the first question with just a yes or no. Compared to regular bikes, fitness bikes are expensive, but they are worth it. Demand for fitness bikes is rising day by day as people around the world are getting health conscious.

Many are getting admitted into fitness centers, and some are buying different fitness gears to make a mini-gym in their home. Depending on the brand value and features, the price range of fitness bikes fluctuates. Fitness experts have said that you do not need to have thousands of dollars as a budget for fitness or stationary bikes.

Within $500, you will be able to buy quite good fitness bikes with several features. Even with $150-$200, Can buy fitness bikes. The number of features in the fitness bike will move up-down to your budget. There are also discounts available from time to time (during holidays, off-season, etc.) 

Which one should I go for road bikes or fitness bikes?

If you are mainly concerned about fitness, then getting a fitness bike will be more convenient for you as it is safer to work out at home than riding bicycles on the road. Having one’s own fitness bike has another benefit as well, and that is only you and your family members will be using that.

Your one will not be randomly used by many people, which happens in a fitness center. Some fitness bikes also have a device holder on them to put your smartphone or tablet while working out.
These days, people are joining online classes for working out under the supervision of a trainer, where a bunch of other people also join. In such cases, a device holder is a must.

What are the features available in a fitness bike? Does a fitness bike really work?

As there are different types of fitness bikes available in stores, the features and prices also vary. Some features are – monitoring heart rates, oxygen level, burnt calories, speed, adjustable seats, resistance levels, a screen, foldability, etc. Some fitness bikes only impact the lower body, and some impact both the upper and lower body.

The effectiveness of a fitness bike mainly depends on its user of it. If a person works out religiously using a fitness bike, it will surely benefit him or her. One also needs to keep in mind that everyone’s body acts differently.
So, the results may vary from person to person but do not worry about that.
Just be consistent. Even if you miss a day, do not give up. Consistency is the key. As riding a fitness bike is not hard, it is an excellent option to start with for beginners.

What are some of the benefits of using fitness bikes as a workout tool?

– Simple and easy to use for all ages of people.
– Reduces cholesterol level.
– Burns out calories.
– Increases oxygen consumption.
– Reduces weight.
– Reduces body fat.
– Strengthens your cores.
– Tones different body parts.
– Boosts cardiovascular effectiveness. 
– Lowers the risk of heart diseases.
– Lowers blood pressure.
– Increases stamina of a person.
– Improve your cardio-respiratory capacity.
– Lowers blood glucose levels.
– Favors a better natural regulation of the blood sugar level.
– Less stressful as fitness bikes are easy to handle.
– Stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins are the body’s ordinary painkillers. 
– Great option for introverts or anti-social persons who avoid gatherings and socializing.
– Leads to better mood and cognitive function.
– Reduces the risks and delay the symptoms of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
– Increases your life expectancy.

Is there anything that I should know or be concerned about?

– Check weight limit or capacity before buying.
– Check if you are comfortable with the seating arrangements as some fitness bikes’ seats are not frequently adjustable.
– Consult a fitness trainer before making the final call.
– Consult a doctor first if you have any health issues.
It- Expensive as there are maintenance costs involved as well.
It- Better to buy a fitness bike with an average price because, after a certain time, you might have to move on to a workout gear with high intensity.
– Get your fitness bike from authentic sellers to avoid any sort of adversities.
– Measure the place accurately where you want to place the fitness bike. If needed, buy foldable fitness bikes.
– Fitness bikes with friction-based resistance systems are less expensive than magnetic resistance systems, but they are noisy.
– Does not have that many varieties of movement.
– Might become boring and monotonous.
– Losing weight might get stuck after a certain time.
– There can be bone density loss.

What is a Fitness Bike: Conclusion

Different types of handlebars are available – flat handlebars, upright handlebars, drop-down handlebars, etc. Get the down which is more comfortable to you. So, hope you learn something about the demand search engine of what is a fitness bike? Happy learning.

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